Terms and Conditions


USA citizens or residents are not allowed to buy or participate in CoTrader due to burdensome regulations.

Purchase is Final

We don't have a refund policy.

All purchases are final.


KYC is "Know Your Customer"

AML is "Anti Money Laundering"

If you do not pass our KYC and AML checks, you won't be able to buy tokens. If we later find a problem with your KYC or AML, CoTrader reserves the right to refund and cancel your purchase.


CoTrader Holding LLC is incorporated in Nevis.


CoTrader tokens  may arrive late, may be worth less than expected, should not be purchased for speculation, and may not function exactly as intended.

CoTrader's platform and technology is new and cutting edge, and should not be relied upon.

By purchasing CoTrader tokens, or using the CoTrader platform, you agree to these terms and conditions.